Environmental Research and Project Management

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Tony Barbour specialises in research linked to environmental issues and sustainability, and is often approached for his input and advice with regard to the design and management of environmental assessments, including public consultation programmes. This expertise is based on 23 years of work in the environmental sector managing Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and being part of EIA project teams.

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  • Development of a Rehabilitation and Land Use Plan for the Alexkor Mining Area in the Richtersveld in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa (2003-2007). This formed part of a land claim for the Richtersveld Community and included acting as an expert witness for the community in the associated court case;
  • Environmental and social specialist for the development of Mozambique Biofuels Strategy (2007);
  • Development of the strategy for the development of the Environmental Goods and Service Industry in the Western Cape for the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape, South Africa (2006);
  • Review of the Environmental Goods and Service Industry in South Africa and development of a strategy for the Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa (2006);
  • Chapter on the South African Environmental Goods and Services Industry for study commissioned by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, South Africa (2006);
  • Development of Integrated Sustainable Transportation Assessment Framework for Transportation Planning in South Africa. Project Manager for joint project between EEU and Urban Transportation Research Group at the University of Cape Town (UCT) (2003);
  • Development of Toolkit for incorporating Sustainable Development into the Integrated Development Planning Process in South Africa (2004);
  • Integrating Sustainable Development into the Eastern Cape Provincial Growth and Development Plan, 2004-2020 (2003-2004);
  • Assessment of options for the development of energy and water-efficient low cost housing in South Africa and an assessment of potential financing mechanisms for the Department of Housing, South Africa (2000).


  • Visserhok hazardous waste disposal sites, Cape Town City Council and Wastetech, Cape Town, South Africa. Managed and facilitated the public participation processes for the permit application for two hazardous waste sites located at Visserhok (1994);
  • Public participation processes for proposed establishment of the Grand West Casino at the Cape Show Grounds, Cape Town, South Africa (1997);
  • Managed and facilitated public participation processes for the permit application for the Coastal Park general waste site, Cape Town, South Africa (1998).